"The Winford Group has established itself as the undisputed leader in sourcing business & legal affairs talent in the United States entertainment and media industries. They understand the highly complex and proprietary nature of this business, they understand what we business & legal affairs executives do, they know who the key players are among us, and they know the market value of our services. If you’re an employer seeking to fulfill a critical position within your organization, these are the people to meet. If you’re an attorney seeking employment that reflects an optimal fit with your experience, resources and goals, these are the people to meet."

"Thank you for helping me make my professional dreams a reality."

”I really want to thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, for the support and concern with which you handled my candidacy for this position. Without sounding too unprofessional, I never expected to find legal recruiters who are so diligent, honest and caring with their candidates, regardless of the success of your efforts…."

“…you and have been more responsive in the past couple of weeks than the other (recruiters) have in over a month! Also, your ability to absorb my barrage (okay - harangue) and remain positive speaks volumes. Even if we don't find something together, you two will be first on my list in the future; and if anyone asks, I'll send them to The Winford Group.”

“Thank you so much for finding me this wonderful job. I am so excited. Each of you is personable, professional and tireless advocates for your clients. I am so glad I found
The Winford Group. Thank you!”

Our candidates become our clients...because we care